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    Shenzhen along electronics co., LTD., founded in early 2003, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating development, design, production and sales.Profound technology accumulation and industry experience, with excellent engineering research and development technical strength and excellent quality management, won the trust of our customers, in the country and southeast Asia and other countries enjoy high reputation. The company is equipped with the world's advanced research and development, production, testing equipment and software, its development speed, production scale, sales revenue, etc. in the domestic industry in the leading position. Main business of the company: intelligent terminal, intelligent solution, artificial intelligence field. The company's main products are: VR/AR products, OTT, robot projects, smart apparel products of modern intelligent equipment, mobile phone motherboard, MID tablet computer motherboards, vehicle-mounted system board, PDVD, products ar… Detail +

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    Along Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd.     ICP No.:粵ICP備12000087號-1

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